We can offer you a choice of servicing/repair options

Looking after the equipment you’ve already got will save you money in the long term. 

But if something’s broken or looking jaded and tired, before assigning it to the skip, see if we can breathe new life into it using our expert knowledge – and some TLC. 

Repairing or servicing existing equipment is often more economical than scrapping it and buying new. 

We provide on-site servicing and repair support, or we can bring equipment back to our workshop. If it’s a specialist repair, we’ll send the product back to the manufacturers for their attention.  

If the faulty item is an essential part of your system, subject to availability, we’ll provide you with a temporary loan unit from our extensive hire stock. 

For repairs, we charge an initial inspection fee to diagnose the issue. And if it’s a straightforward fix, we’ll do it within that fee. 

You can also pre-authorise a repair cost limit or ask us for an estimate before we get to work. This means that you’ll never receive an unexpected bill. 

We can offer you a choice of servicing/repair options: 

  • Fixed-price annual servicing 
  • Multi-year service contract – with preferential rates 
  • Ad hoc servicing on a parts and labour basis 

Of course, we’re here to advise on the best course of action for any ailing piece of sound, lighting or AV equipment. 

Contact Matias to discuss how we can help you today.


Matias joined the team in April 2023 and is the first point of contact for the projects team.

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