Compliance Inspection and Testing Services

If the safety of the school hall, theatre or drama studio is your responsibility, it can be challenging to know what’s needed to ensure that all the equipment is safe for the students and staff to use. You also need to know you’re complying with all your legal duties. 

Here at TSS, we can help you determine which inspections you need. Our DBS-checked engineers will then implement the appropriate testing for your school.

The video above we visited a school in Liverpool for inspections.

Our range of inspections includes: 

  • Lifting Equipment Inspections (LOLER) e.g. winches, pulleys and truss
  • Fixed Equipment Inspections (PUWER) e.g. fixed lighting bars and speaker brackets
  • Fixed Electrical Inspections (EICR), including stage lighting dimmers
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), e.g. stage lights, lighting desks, audio mixers, amplifiers, media players, etc. 

We’ll provide you with a full report of all test results, with a copy held at our head office. 

I cant recommend Technical stage services highly enough. The professional and thorough approach taken during servicing and inspection and prompt turn around for any arising repairs made all for a very positive experience.

by James Good

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