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Do I Need an External AV Supplier for My Conference?

Organising a successful conference involves lots of moving parts, and one of the things that always comes up in the planning is the audiovisual (AV) requirements. We’re talking lighting, sound, video, staging – all the technical aspects that mean your audience can see and hear what’s going on. The question of whether you need an […]

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What Are the Considerations for Effective Event Production in Historic Venues?

Hosting events in historic venues offers a unique opportunity to create memorable experiences for audiences. However, producing successful events in these kinds of spaces needs careful planning and consideration due to the architectural intricacies and preservation concerns associated with historical sites. If you’re considering hosting an event in a historic venue, here are some things […]

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What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

What is an EICR? An Electrical Installation Condition Report, or EICR, is a report produced following the inspection and testing of the fixed electrical system within a building.  This is the wiring that is often buried in walls, under floors and above ceilings which can’t always be seen, the fuse boards or consumer units, the […]

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What Tips Should I Follow for Successful Technical Rehearsals in Theatre?

Running a technical rehearsal for your theatre production? From precise cue sheets to seamless transitions, here are some top tips to create a captivating and flawless performance. Technical rehearsals are a critical phase in the theatre production process, where the creative vision comes to life through the integration of lighting, sound, set design, and other […]

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What do I need to think about when buying a Portable Staging System for Events?

When organising events, having a reliable and versatile staging system is an important piece of the puzzle to help create a memorable and successful experience for attendees. Portable staging systems offer flexibility, ease of setup, and the ability to transform any space into a professional event venue. However, not all portable staging systems are created […]

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What should I consider for outdoor festival lighting?

Whether your event is a small village do, or a major festival, lighting is an important piece of the puzzle. Here are some things to think about with lighting your outdoor event. Outdoor festivals are vibrant and exciting events that bring people together to celebrate music, culture and community. One crucial element that can make […]

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Does PAT testing still exist?

You may have heard that PAT testing doesn’t exist anymore – but is that actually true? In September 2020 a new code of practice was released for the inspection and testing of electrical appliances. These are the regulations that covered Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) as it is widely known. The new regulations have removed all […]

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‘How to inspect a Theatre Dimmer’

If you’ve ever wondered what a dimmer rack looks like inside, or how we go about inspecting them, then this video explains all!

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Do I need to service my Stage Lighting?

Ultimately the decision on whether and when you service your stage lighting is down to you, but here are some factors to think about when making that decision.

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What is Phantom Power?

Phantom Power might sound like something from a Marvel comic, but it’s a term you may well come across in the world of sound. Here’s what it means.

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Lighting beams seen through haze

What’s the difference between smoke and haze?

Smoke and Haze are similar, but what is the difference between them? This article explains all.

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School hall with curtains making a stage area

Curtains for Stages

What are curtains for stages, what are they used for, and what are your options if you’re looking for some for your venue?

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