Business Manager

DDI. 0330 0080 492
M. 07888 297322

Sharon is the company’s business manager, looking after the non-technical side of the business. She deals with all things financial with the assistance of Karen.

What’s a typical day in your current role at TSS?

The only constant in my day is that a lot of tea gets drunk! I could be dealing with finance things, training the team, planning with Dan, making sure we comply with the right bits of legislation, updating the website, and just generally trying to make sure the right things are getting done by the right people at the right times!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I love seeing the team grow and develop – both developing their skills and also developing their own roles as the company grows.

What did you do before joining TSS? 

I’m actually a qualified accountant, and spent 12 years working in local government finance before making the move to TSS.

Why/how did you get into the industry?

I’ve always been on stage either acting or singing, but never had any interest in the technical side before meeting Dan. I started going with him to jobs, learnt how to coil cables and put truss together to make myself useful, and it’s grown from there really.

What are your favourite/most interesting/most unusual gigs/jobs you’ve done in the past?

I don’t get out much, but I do love the outdoor jobs – lighting up Crich Tramway Museum is one of my favourites.

What do you do in your spare time?

I still love to sing and enjoy being part of a local choir. I’m also involved in Scouting as treasurer for Snowball Plantation in York, and I sit on the Appointments Panel for Leeds Templars.

What TV show is your guilty pleasure?

Death in Paradise/Midsomer Murders/any cheesy detective dramas!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

If it’s important, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.


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