As a PLASA member, we follow the PLASA Code of Conduct.

The members of PLASA share a common commitment through this statement of ethical practices to promote the highest possible standards of professional conduct.

As a member of PLASA we undertake the following:

  • To abide by all applicable laws, codes and regulations, and protect the public against fraud and unfair trade practices.
  • To maintain a high level of safety for all products and services, and support the development of industry standards and safe practices.
  • To provide a safe working environment.
  • To present or supply products and services honestly without misrepresentation.
  • To respect all intellectual property rights
  • To provide fair and responsive service to customers before, during and after all business transactions.
  • To refrain from discriminatory practices.
  • To share knowledge, expertise and skills to advance the industry while respecting the confidentiality of customers and associates.
  • To recognise the rights of others to compete for business in accordance with applicable law.
  • To make a full and frank disclosure to customers of all material terms of any agreement with them.
  • To comply with all lawful contractual obligations.
  • To support the Association by taking an active role in PLASA activities and promoting the Association to the industry.

If you want to find out more about PLASA you can visit their website for more information.

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