Are you planning a special event in your church? Maybe for the seasonal festivities? 


Do you need extra equipment but don’t have the budget to buy it? 

The answer is to hire it! 

Hiring could be ideal for you if you need, e.g. a few more radio mics or some extra stage lights. Perhaps you’d like to add something different to make the event really spectacular. 

If you’re not sure if hiring is right for you, here are some benefits to consider: 

  •  Only pay for what you use when you use it.
  • Pay for hire equipment from the budget for the event, so there is no need to find or bid for capital expenditure.
  • No need to take up storage space for the rest of the year once you’ve finished with it.
  • No ongoing maintenance or repair costs.
  • Get exactly what you need for each event rather than buying a ‘make-do’ equivalent. 


St Peters in York – Prize giving

If you think going down the short-term hire route might work for you, call Jonathan. He’ll help you identify what you might need and advise you on how to get maximum value for money.


Jonathan looks after the hire side of the business, finding new and creative ways to make your events amazing!

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