Your community venue has spent a lot of money on a new sound, audio-visual or stage lighting system.


Great! – but how does it all work?! 

Maybe the member of your team who knew has moved on – and hasn’t told anyone else how it works! 

No problem! Here at TSS, we pride ourselves on offering after-sales training that’s some of the best in the business. 

There are three types of training for you to choose from… 

General Training 

This is the fundamental group training for those who will be occasional or regular users of the technology and who only need to learn about the most regularly used features. Typically, this would be run by one of our engineers. 

Advanced Training 

This is typically for one or two people at a time who require far more in-depth training.  

One of our engineers or a manufacturer’s product specialist could run this. 

With both of these levels of training, we provide it in two parts. Firstly, we provide the training as above.  

Secondly, we make a return visit to double-check that you’re getting on OK with your new technology and provide you with more assistance on any aspect that’s still challenging for any staff member. 

Specific Training 

From time to time, we also run training for a specific product, product range or specialist technology.  

Reduce the stress of trying to figure it all out. Matt and our team have extensive knowledge with technology and are keen to help. Call Matt today for more information!

Matt S

Matt looks after the Projects side of the business, finding just the right solution for every problem!

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