Streaming and hybrid benefits


One positive aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic is that businesses have embraced live streaming technology as an alternative when meetings could not be held in person.

Previously, one-to-one video calls were via Skype, Zoom, smartphones, tablets, etc., and still often are. Multi-attendee meetings were the specialist niche of dedicated video conferencing hardware and software, especially in a business environment.

Zoom and the various webinar platforms allowed multiple attendees at a meeting, all or most remote from the head office.

Video streaming via the internet has become an essential AV tool for effective communication across the country and worldwide, especially with its technological advancements.

Taking it to the next level, a ‘virtual conference’ would include a keynote speech, a panel discussion, audience Q and A sessions, breakout rooms with a more interactive style, a virtual exhibition where attendees can meet sponsors, and the ability for virtual networking.


We often recommend pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras for on-stage live presentations or demonstrations, as they provide a better choice of shots from fewer cameras. With the option to move each camera to pre-set positions, operating the streaming system is remarkably simple. PTZ cameras are going to become an essential element of video live streaming.

‘Hybrid’ meetings are a combination of a live audience plus remotely located attendees. To genuinely engage your in-person and remote audience, you must treat them differently. You don’t want to end up with your remote audience simply watching a live event recording or your in-person audience watching a live stream being broadcast.

For this to be truly successful, your in-person audience needs to forget that it’s being live streamed, and your remote audience needs to feel like it’s been produced just for them.

If you would like to discuss how a live streaming system could work for your business, our TSS live streaming engineer will be happy to chat through your requirements and our solutions.

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