LED lighting and technology is our expertise

In recent years, rapid advances in LED technology have resulted in the development and availability of much brighter professional lighting fixtures. 

Featuring an almost infinite colour palette, LED lighting is also renowned for its low running costs. 

Such a combination is ideal for outdoor lighting projects. The benefits are evident compared to professional power-hungry non-LED lights and their cable requirements of yesteryear. 

Weatherproof high-output LED lights are now used as architectural lighting, highlighting aspects (or all) of a building, bathing it in rich colours to recognise any occasion or notable event, or just to look attractive. 

LED outdoor lighting can also be used to great effect when lighting up trees and shrubs. Transform any suitable outdoor area into something magical. 

Strings of festoon lights to suspend from tree to tree or building to building now also have their own LED alternative! 

TSS has the hire stock and the technical expertise to light up your event – indoors and outdoors. 

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video to see how we lit up the National Tramway Museum in Crich.

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Jonathan looks after the hire side of the business, finding new and creative ways to make your events amazing!

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