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Curtains for Stages


Curtains for stages are also known as drapes in the industry.

They can be used to transform bare halls into a proper theatre space – whether or not you have a permanent stage, adding in some curtains creates the feeling of being in a performance space.

School hall with curtains making a stage area

Here’s a school we worked in recently – in this case, the curtains even create wings in what is essentially just a standard school hall.

A good stage curtain supplier will make your drapes to order, so you can have the exact size for your space, in your choice of material and colour.

All theatrical curtains should be fire retardant as standard.

Curtain Tracks

Your curtains will usually be fixed to a curtain track.

Again, this can be made to an exact size including straight lengths and curves.

There are 4 different options for how you can control your curtains:


Walk along

you simply pull the curtains along the track

Hand Line

you have a rope at the end of the track that you pull to open and close the curtains

Hand Winch

you have a winch at the end of the track that you turn to open and close the curtains


you press a button to open and close the curtains

The best type for you will depend on what you’ll be using it for, and how big and heavy your curtains will be. And ultimately on your budget.