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Heritage Trust Network

Heritage Trust Network is a UK-wide membership body for organisations rescuing and restoring historic buildings. They are currently working on an outreach project designed to assist community groups based in the East and Midlands who are operating from historic buildings for a primary purpose other than ‘heritage’ – for example, to support their communities, offer wellbeing support, or to create a suitable space for religious worship.

As part of this programme, they will have initial conversations with these groups to discuss their needs, then bring everyone together at an event in mid-late June to talk about common issues collaboratively. They will then create a series of learning and networking events from late summer through to autumn based on what has been identified, using our network to connect people to professionals in the sector.

Alongside this, they will be doing case-by-case work with each organisation to assist with their more specific needs, ensure the ongoing maintenance of the historic sites, and the continued success of the organisations who own them.

Do you know a community group operating from a historic building?

Heritage Trust Network is currently looking for organisations across the East and Midlands to join an exciting new outreach project.

The project will support community groups who are working from historic buildings for non-heritage reasons to ensure the ongoing maintenance of these sites and the success of the organisations who operate from them.

To join the project or find out more information, contact Leona, Outreach Project Officer, at or on 07305 318601.


21 May 2024

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20 May 2024

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15 May 2024

Happy Anniversary Andy and Matias!

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