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What is BS 7909 and what does it mean for your event?

BS 7909 is a hot topic in the entertainment industry at the moment. But what exactly is it, why do you need to consider it, and what does it mean for your events?

What is BS 7909?

BS 7909 is the Code of Practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes. It has been developed to ensure that all temporary electrical systems are safe for use before they are put into service.

Why do I need to think about it?

BS7909 has been around for a few years now, but we are finding that more and more event suppliers and organisers are being asked to show that their electrical system complies with the British Standard.

What does it mean in practice?

For a simple event, such as a DJ playing at a wedding, compliance with BS7909 should be quite straight forward. It probably requires a few simple electrical tests, and evidence of formal inspection and testing of electrical equipment being available.

The application of BS7909 becomes more in depth as the complexity of the electrical system increases.

Does that mean I need a qualified electrician to sign off my system?

Not necessarily, it’s just a matter of competence.  It’s a common misconception that the person in charge of the electrical system (referred to as the Senior Person Responsible or SPR for short in 7909 speak) needs to be a qualified electrician. In fact, the scope of the works involved with temporary systems may well mean a qualified electrician does not have the required skills or knowledge and may not be deemed competent.

Where can I find out more?

BS7909 can be purchased from the BSI by clicking here or if you need any help or advice please contact us.  We provide advice freely, can design your system for you and can attend site to carry out testing and certification.

In summary

BS 7909 is there to help ensure that your electrical system is safe for use.  It shouldn’t been seen as another ‘hoop to jump through’ and should be welcomed by those who want to strive ahead, providing the best and the safest customer experience possible!

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