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The New Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spot

26 May 2017

We got our hands on the new Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spot yesterday. 

Our biggest question - what's the difference between this and the MK2 Spot?

Here's some of the major differences...

 - physically the head is a bit smaller than the MK2, and it's also a little lighter

 - it's not quite as bright - 350W LED compared to 440W for the MK2

 - it only has CMY colour mixing (the MK2 has CMY+CTO)

 - it has two gobo wheels, but one is static (the MK2 has two rotating/indexable)

 - its zoom range is 7° to 33° (13° to 37° for the MK2)

… but there are also lots of similarities.

So there are obviously differences between the two, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that the MK1 has retained lots of useful features from the MK2:

  • It’s great that is still has CMY colour mixing
  • It’s still got 3- and 5-pin DMX, ethercon and wireless DMX control
  • It’s still got a good zoom range and frost filter
  • It’s still got the battery powered touchscreen, so fixtures can be addressed without power (it’s only a little feature, but it’s amazingly useful!)

So what do we think? 

This is a great fixture that fits in the gap between the Rogues and the MK2. With CMY colour mixing it's a viable theatre fixture, but it will also hold its own in an arena rig. It’s not a Hybrid by name, but it still produces high quality beam and wash effects. Overall it’s a really versatile fixture.

Yes, it's not as bright as the MK2, and there are a few less features, but the price tag will reflect that - you'll probably get 4 MK1s for a similar price to 3 MK2s.

Is it worth the compromises? 

Like all things, it depends! It depends what your deal breakers are, but it's definitely a fixture worth considering.

If you want to know more, or need help working out what's best for you, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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