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Bose PowerShare Amp

8 Jun 2017

At our recent Bose training, one of the standout products of the two days was the PowerShare amplifier.

Technically speaking

The PowerShare adaptable power amplifier line consists of three 1U models: 2- and 4- channel fixed-install models (PS602 and PS604) and one 2-channel portable amplifier (PS602P).

Each model delivers 600 watts of power that can be shared across all output channels. With support for both low- and high-impedance loads up to 100V, PowerShare amplifiers adapt to a wide range of applications.

Onboard configurable loudspeaker processing and direct access to zone controllers eliminate the need for an additional signal processor in many installations, while outstanding audio performance and reliability are assured with patented technologies inherited from the field-proven PowerMatch® line.

And remember, this amplifier can be used to drive any loudspeaker, 100v line or low impedance or both together, and not just Bose.

Watch the PowerShare overview video here:

What do we think?

This is a very clever piece of technology by Bose. It gives you the flexibility to distribute only the power you need, to where you need it across your channels, in any combination. This means you’re not wasting power, and so you’re not paying for power that the system isn’t actually using.

The other great feature is that you can also run 100V line through it. You don’t need a separate amp for that one 100V system that you have, the PowerShare will control it all for you.

Definitely worth considering for your next project.

For more information or advice on this or any other Bose product, please contact one of the team.

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