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What is a Gobo?

A Gobo is an item that is placed in front of a light source to control the shape of the light that is emitted.

Gobos can only be used in lighting fixtures designed for there use as they need to have the ability to focus the beam as well as a means to hold the gobos in place.  Gobos are typically used in profile spots for this reason.

Gobos are available in 2 types, metal and glass.  The type of gobo used will depend on the result required and the shape being projected.  Metal gobos can only project shapes and patterns and have the limitation that, for example, the centre of an ‘O’ would have to be held in place with tabs as a metal gobo is cut from a thin piece of metal and without the tabs the centre of the O would fall out.  Glass gobos are more expensive but can be printed in full colour allowing images to be projected.

Typical Gobos are shown below.


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