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Why we use BenQ

We’ve got to give a big shout-out to BenQ for their outstanding projectors! Not only incredibly useful but also versatile, fitting right into various settings. Whether it’s for a theatre, school hall, or classroom.

Now, let’s talk about our projects department. For installations, we swear by BenQ’s laser projectors. With a whopping 20,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year warranty, they are the go-to choice for everything from theatres to school halls and classrooms. And those interactive screens? They may not have the same warranty, but they still perform amazingly.

Moving on to our hire section, our key products are the BenQ LU9915 10000 lumen laser projector with flying frame, along with the LK953ST 5000 lumen 4K laser projector. You won’t be disappointed with our in-house projection stock.

When it comes to corporate hires, our 10K laser projectors work like magic, easily filling a 16 ft wide, 9 ft high projection screen with ease. As for the 5K projectors, they’re perfect for pairing with our 10 ft AV Stumpfl screens, making them ideal side screens for conferences. They are generously spec’d for larger meetings and smaller events, and we have them in pairs to create epic dual setups. What’s really cool is their versatility, with a wide range of lenses for the big ones and nice short throw lenses for the 5Ks.
Speaking of lenses, we’ve carefully chosen short throws that aren’t ultra-short, avoiding optical distortion and tricky focusing challenges. With our setup, we can rear project, which means a clear front view without relying on in-house rigging or having projectors standing in the audience. It’s a win-win!

So, whether you need an installation or a hire, BenQ projectors are our top pick for delivering impressive experiences every single time.


6 July 2024

Happy Birthday Dan

Happy Birthday to our fantastic director here at TSS! We hope you have a stress-free day and enjoy the birthday celebrations.

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3 July 2024

Happy Birthday Dave

Happy Birthday, Dave! We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with friends and family. Enjoy every moment!

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14 June 2024

Fairwell Matias

Today Matias’s mission here at TSS has come to an end. Over the past year, your presence in the office has brought us countless laughs and memorable moments. Your departure leaves big shoes to fill, and you will be greatly missed. We wish you nothing but success and happiness in all your future endeavors. Safe […]

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